Fowlers Bay was named by Matthew Flinders in 1802, after his lieutenant Robert Merrick Fowler.  The township was originally named Yalata in 1890 but was renamed Fowlers Bay in 1940.



Fowlers Bay Caravan Park was established in 1994.  Known for its spectacular coastlines and exceptional fishing, the Park attracts more tourists each year.


The current owners are Simon and Robyn Tyson.  Simon was born in London, where he completed his carpentry apprenticeship.  After moving to Canada in the 90s, Simon switched careers to IT, which brought him to Australia in 2005.  After many successful years in the mining and defence industries, Simon decided it was time for a sea change!

Robyn holds a PhD in genetics and had a very successful career in neuroscience.  Her first love has always been marine life and is part of the reason Robyn enjoys Fowlers Bay so much.